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Rooftop Party


We offer unique novelties, entertainment and games for social and corporate events.

wood keychains event engraving

Laser engraving and DIY hand stamping of custom gifts and giveaways that your guests design and walk away with on the spot.  From keychains to jewelry, sunglasses to flasks, anything is possible.



With "B.L.K. The Mentalist"

Your evening unfolds with a series of mind-bending demonstrations by B.L.K The Mentalist, who leaves audiences spellbound with his ability to seemingly read minds, predict outcomes, and uncover thoughts. His sharp wit and intuitive prowess keep the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering just how he does it.

Video Game Party 1

Giant Gaming Experience
Current & Retro Games

Race your friends in a Giant Mario-Kart game featuring real steering wheels and foot pedals, compete in the latest 4-player Xbox games, go head-to-head in Giant Pac-Man and other retro games, and bust a move with Just Dance.  All on Giant 10' video screens, with DJ quality sound and lighting.

Game Show 1

Game Show Experience
With "Ultimate Game Night Live"

Fully recreate the look, feel, and fun of all your favorite classic TV game shows.  This is the Ultimate game show experience.  Get your buzzer hand ready, and come on down.  Click here for more Game Show information.

BLK The Mentalists High A.F. Circus.jpg

High A.F.
Flea Circus

This Show Is Not For Kids

"Freddy the Wonder Flea" is a pot-smoking, foul mouthed, tiny, little pest... but he's the last of his kind, and keeping the Flea Circus alive.  Watch as he performs death-defying stunts, feats of strength, escapism, magic and more... on weed.


Not your grandma's bingo

This is Bingo like you've never played it before... pumping music, DJ quality sound and lights, digital bingo callboard on giant projection screen, awesome prizes, and more.  This is the only bingo where you are encouraged to make noise and dance.  We've turned Bingo into a Party!


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